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Butterfly Dress

Butterfly Dress

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Dress up your photo with this elegantly designed Butterfly dress by Unstitched. Inspired by Fireflies, this digital outfit creates a perfect evening party wear look and can be used to glam up pictures for personal or professional photoshoots.

Have fun with Digital Fashion & flaunt your own “Style Persona” in the Social & Digital world.

One size fits all! With Digital clothing you will never go wrong with a size. It fits all genders & sizes in a flawless manner.

If you are looking to style your everyday photos in trendy outfits, Digital clothing is a eco-friendly solution to add oomph to your daily fashion.

Color: Green

What is Digital Fashion?

Digital Garments are made from Pixels rather than Fabrics. Digital Fashion refers to Garments & Accessories that exist only in a Digital form & not physically. These Fashion pieces are made using 3D technology to create UNIQUE & REAL looking designs that only exist in pixels on a screen.

So you’ll never wear an item of digital clothing in real life. You can only wear these garments on virtual platforms such as social media, enhance your personal or professional photoshoots, dress up your skins in video games or port it for Metaverse use like Virtual Meetings, Virtual events etc.

Digital fashion is a way for people to express themselves through their clothes without physically wearing them in the Social & Virtual World.

What does your order include?

When you place an order on the platform, you are buying only a custom-fitted photo of yourself wearing the garment. A team of 3D designers will digitally fit the item of the clothing on your image using 3D technology. There is no physical item of clothing you will receive with this order.

You can use the edited image to post on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or use it for personal / professional photoshoots.

How to Wear Digital Fashion?

You choose one or multiple numbers of Digital Item(s) from our store, send us your photo as per our guide and our team will digitally fit the look onto the photo you sent, ready to post on Social Media.

1. Take picture in which you’d like to be wearing a digital item.

2. Select the garment on the website.

3. Attach your picture or link while placing the order.

4. Receive your photo with the selected outfit on in a maximum of 7 days.

** Please note that these items are only designed for existing in the
Digital realm. They do not exist physically. When you place an order,
you will get an edited photo of you wearing the digital product and not
an actual physical garment.

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